Sunday, December 28, 2008

CHAnge is Good..

Change of BLOG!
am tending to pump in more general and public knowledge instead of personal stufs here..
so keep your eyes open for some eye opener post x)

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Book crave!

Somehow i think i thought it through, i really need to think whatever that suits my best.there is so often i blame myself why i spent hundred of hours in my teenage past years in computer games without a meaning behind it. I dont find the sense of achievement at all in games. Games like creative games like sims are still alrite because they trigger your sense of creativity, BUT dota and CS is so not worth playing, u play all night long and at the end, what you get?
Some might say, computer gaming the way to socialize between guys ma.. and gossiping about celebrities is the topic between girls ma.. WRONG, i totally disagree,you get to see other ur frenz talking the same topic, but does that really mean you get to understand ur fren better than talking about more meaningful stuf? If u talk about tactics or wtv cheats in computer gaming, does tat help you?
or will i rather say, you talk about life principles experiences and your dreams that you wanna share, does that sound much more better to understand ur fren? ..
so anyways i need to realign my new 2009 year, gotta focus on utilizing time, FOCUS!!! need to speed up my aptitude, need to ABSORB fast. need to know non academic stufs more rather than studies, excellence in studies wont bring u anywhere in Msia, juz a cert..
.the more u see the world better, the more people the see the better in you.
.take tat.
anyways. Book fair in Atria!!!
Bought this book for 3o bucks, its more like a daily digest book for me because its not a continuous non fiction book, it comes like... lets say.. Globalisation in 21st century.. then how does it differ from the past... then another one will be R&D sectors... ya those kinds.30 bucks!Zoom is what my sister recommend to me, not bad book too! its about how the effects of rising oil price triggers many different innovations and why does toyota emerge as the top car producer and the R&D sector behind cars and all.. not bad at all! 15 bucks. haha in MPH.
The book i borrowed from my aunt. Google story, havent touch it actually, but its about how google started and now manage to be the most popular search engine and how they made it happen?
Waa 3 books for me to digest, and + examz on the way in 2 weeks time with my books hanging up in the skies~ *not studying la meaning! and when i get back to college, abundance of non academic projects piling up. well, sounds FUN!
Signing off!cheers!

Friday, December 26, 2008

My Result + Birthday + Christmas gift x)

yea i will say its from mom duh. My k550i has malfunctioned, lotz of inconvenience by it. So just now went around digital mall hoping to get the same concept of phone like k550i, which is cybershot and flashlight. But yea too bad cant get, and k550i is rarely on the market anymore. So i went around asking for Non 3g SE handphone with flashlights. Obviously i cant get any, and i said my budget is 500. Well but look what i've got. f350i. mine's black. Now tell me u havent seen this model cause its just 2 weeks release. haha
I can certainly say Sony has changed a little of its concept. I didnt notice the speciality of this phone until i get back and try out. It's a wii concept phone. WHich means.. u know wat is wii right? those motion sensor games. yes this phone has it, there's a bowling game in it, u need to swing the phone in order to get the power in the game. x) and much more other preinstalled games,
and somehow it still works on its normal phone mood when plug into usb for file transferring. Unique huh? its built for gamers i can say, it has the x and o buttons above its screen.
And one more speciality is its loudspeaker. perhaps one of the best phone with loudspeaker i have ever heard. It has 3 loudspeakers. Very clear clean magnificent sound system. But the bad thing is.. somehow i realize new models from SE cant zoom into the picture..
yea thats about it. How much? thanks to mom who bargain it all the way from 600 till 520. where? digital mall! =) thanks mom!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

2nd last post..

Merry Christmas!!!
and WHAT do you know about CHristmas?
Santa Claus? Christmas tree?
Happy family atmosphere?
Extra megasale shopping value?
looks like the world is getting it wrong these years along.
Thank God my salvation is born =)
The year is coming to an end..
phew* finally. there goes end of my transition year.
and no i didnt do enough to get what i want.
and there goes next year with a faster and more effective year i hope.
Time is not the factor at all, it's all about YOU,
everything starts within YOU,
and i don't want the results to end within MYself,
But to serve the world, impact it,
and change the world to be a better place.
-gene- signing off with hope =)

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

My 3rd last post..Merry Christmas!

Random Picture stories~

Looks small, but big with it's Family, this is the church i attend in Malacca.A small methodist church in Masjid Tanah by the size of 30 ppl.

How my planner looks like.. Some say that planning life to be organized sounds boring, but what if i say i plan to do extraordinary stufs?

Isaiah 40:28-32 The verses that impacted me the most.

Been studying all long night past few weeks, i can precisely tell you my sleeping hours have revolved. haha. 7.30 i wake up, class till 3 or 4.. then lengah lengah house keeping till 5... then sleep till 7.30, then dinner.. then study till 10.30pm.. and then go jogging till 11.15.. then bath.. then study till 3 am. Syok right?

Somehow i find this picture is nice, taken with my k550i. The macro effect has a standard wei x)

owh yea did i mention? my 1st wife is back to me again, after my 2nd wife has been declared missing.5 years old guitar. Well, with terrible sound that i cant stand. Must really get one after MAtric ends.

My food stock- needless to say, capability of providing two week advance supply.x) What is inside? Biscuits, Eggs, Maggi Mee (normally 3 packs, i mean 3x5), Tomata sauce, pepper, soya sauce, Milo, Nescafe, Oats, Can Mushroom, Can sardin.. bread.. yea..

Physics tutorial, am now in electrostatic chapter.

My desktop layout. Many ppl ask me how i get the periodic table elements by my sidebar? its from google sidebar,very useful, basically everything, about the elements, reactions, properties, all listed out.

and i finally got my 2nd Aiesec Shirt! thanks to sis!
AIesec TUC ( taylors)
MY LDS 2008 shirt! my sis designed wan leh*

backCurrent things busying on.
  1. 60 seconds Challenge video (silly teacher put my name in without noticing)
  2. Olympiads math quiz semi final
  3. Biotech Mini research project (Bricks made with not biodegradable substances)
  4. My college underground Cf one day camp
  5. Moral Assignment (video composing)
  6. Student Rep Council english mag (am writing about branding i think)..
  7. and guess wat? exams in 3 weeks time.

    and who cares? Christmas comes first!
    Merry CHristmas!!!!

Sunday, December 21, 2008


My 226th post =)

I will finish up this blog by 230 posts.
I've created links to my new blogs.
well dont ask me why i have 3 personal blogs next year because i think its more organized and precise for wat you are looking for.
. -> this is my new personal blog
. -> this is another blog where i put non personal items and more on general civil interests, such as gadgets or buildings that are worth to look at, of course i will put a tonnes a pictures with it and i hope that this blog will be really a public one because i assume a lot of google search engine will hit on it because its filled with terms.
. -> this is my blog with the college, basically joining the college bloggers community.its just filled up with 'homeworks' from college, they give the students titles to blog about.. so a little boring for u i think.
. -> my current blog. Will post up 3 more and the last one will remain as links!

im not doing this because i think i have too much time to spare, its because i think many would want to know about the wonderful awesome things on the earth too, so im exposing myself and gaining the informations of it because i think it can be a great tool to start off a conversation, with almost everyone. through this blog's stuffies... =)

well i think its a great way to start 2009 =)
year 2009
Running the talk but not walking the talk!
p/s of course dont visit the blogs first la still on maintenance.
will be back tml night!

Tagged by Michelle Kin!

1.What's your most favourite colour?
White, well with any colour stripes, but MAJORly white.

2. What is the most important to you?
Being impactful to others and showing that my source of motivation is from God above.

3. How often do you think of committing suicide?
Not in my dictionary at all,why do i want to go hell with that?

4. Do you think you have enough confidence?
If im not having enough confidence, how do i make a difference.

5. How many babies you want?
owh God, help me answer that.3 is good enough x)

6. Do you believe in seeing a rainbow after the rain?
Er of course? its Science la macha x)

7. What is your goal for this year?
2008-TO gain the most in the transition year of mine.
2009-Making the attempt to create an extraordinary university life experience.

8. Do you believe in eternity love?
why not, i already one of it =)

9. Who are your best friends?
honestly,I dont define best frenz well, because anyone i can just talk to and some of them i trust, i have some close frenz, but i dont call them best frenz cause i dont create boundaries for opinions exchange. and sometimes u will be afriad you understand your best fren more than your gf.

10.What are you really afraid of?
Height!! and spiders. dunno why. haha.

11.What is your bad habit?
SLeeping too late and eat a LOT practically on EARLY morning. haha.

12. What's your opinion with Distance relationship?
Not into it at you see that related? to the relation term?

13. Do you cherish every single friendship of yours?
of course, everyone in my life changes the way i think and form the way i am.

14. What does flying means to you?
Just the beginning of a wonderful phase of life.

15. What do you crave for the most currently?
i dont wanna be materialistic. But i want a Epiphone Guitar!!! owh ya and a semi dslr. lol.

16. Single or in a relationship?
Single and available but long to go. haha.

17. What is your favourite movie currently?
Waiting for pirates!!!

18.What have you done to yourself make yourself happy?
Jogging. Just like there's no ending to the road ahead.

19. The top 5 priority in your life, arrange accordingly
Religion, Family,Gf, Music, Sports..

20.Are you in love?
Crush is a different thing from this just so u know, and no im not, not a chance in this college. haha.

instructions: Remove one question from above and add in your personal question. Make a total of 20 questions and tag 5 people. List them out at the end of the post.Notify them in their cbox that they've been tagged. Whoever does the tag will have blessings fromall.

I tag!
2.Chin Egg
3.My sister Rue
4.Ethan Ling =)
5. Wen Dee a.k.a sister Lim!

Friday, December 19, 2008

End of Transition year~

Year 2009.
not walking the walk but running the walk.
will be starting a new blog though, i find that my blog posts aren't tagged and organized, due to laziness, and kinda hard for me to trace back my past posts.
WIll relink so dun worry about troubles relinking your links to my blog.
I just realized, i had my most wonderful, awesome night scene in my life,
the stars here are so majestic la. You see them so clearly unlike in KL not a single one,
here its like.. really uncountable ones, 300+ there.very vivid, all those horoscope shapes.
Well have been jogging non stop every night. Na not long and tiring ones, around 2.5km there.
I find my medium of whispering to God, through Jogging,
Its like. You really get those christian music lyrics into your head,
Its more than just worship songs, Its like a conversation with God when you jog with christian musics.

Its strange but i wont feel tired jogging with it, i just kept on one step one step and on going phase, and just really flashing back to the word of God.
and i spent RM273 for the last 30 days. so in a way its just 23 bucks because 250 covered by goverment =) but that is just the expenses in my college la.
Man anyways, i miss marathon! goodness. Shall aim for at least 5 international and national events next year. Of course public open events la. Time to meet up some old frenz in world of sports =)

Physics teacher in action =p


Kittens all around in college.. well these ones are the same floor as mine.

signing off! -gene-
will be staying overnight in church for a night after this, having english class now. haha teacher encourages us to blog actually! lol. take care!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The real 21st Century Skycraper.

This isn't something new, its last year project and will be done in 2010. Well obviously i will say this project is insane, 21st century skycraper really crap a lot wei. If living in a 250-meter-high tower with rotating floors and a system to automatically produce electrical energy seems like something out of a science fiction book to you, all you need to do is go to Dubai in two years' time to realize how the real world, at times, can respond to the most incredible dictates of the imagination. To date, Dubai has the tallest hotal, Which is Burj Al Arab and the tallest building ( in progress) Burj Dubai, and soon in few years time, Al Burj, another tallest building, 1km height will be built, Its in planning still. Well but this time, this is the first ever self generated electricity building in motion.Sounds mad right? read on then.

This is a 59-floor high-rise equipped with a core of reinforced cement and a series of prefabricated units, each of which can rotate independently from the others, thus allowing the building to continually change its appearance. This true triumph in dynamic architecture - i think la* its the Rotating Tower -will be the first and ever type of whole true building in motion. David Fisher has the idea of people can watch the sunrise and the sunset from the very same room.

The next insane part which i dont get is how is this building going to self generate energy with the constant motion concept. How is it going to spin 24/7 anyways? This concept has earned the unanimous acclaim of environmental associations. According to the designers of the high-rise, which will have a total price tag of $500 million, it should be capable of producing 191 million kilowatts of energy in a year, this worth over 7 million euro. In other words, this means that the energy savings should cover the cost of the work in a period of 56 years. If you look at the picture below you will get what i mean. Building in spinning motion that supplies energy for its own use by the spinning of turbine within the consecutive floors. wow.
Not only be the pioneer, the Dynamic Architecture building which will constantly in motion changing its shape with each floor capable of spin, move and rotate 360 degress independent of one another, will also be able to generate electric energy enough for itself as well as for other surrounding buildings from at least 48 wind turbines that fitted between each rotating floors as well as the solar panels positioned on the roof of the building that will produce pollution-free energy from wind and the sunlight. Any acoustics issues are solved by modern design of the building and the carbon fiber special shape of the wings. And the floor only rotates at the slow speed of about 6 meters a minutes, so that guests inside probably won’t feel it.

BUt evidently there is already a building in Brazil with smaller scale, 11 floors. with independently rotating units.



I wonder how is it going to be like after 2 years.. well im no longer interested in Architecture but thinking about the perspective from it, the architect needless to design it, because the building is.. rotating? omg la. ANd the worst part is that, im wondering if im the Civil engineer for the project, what type of insane idea im going to think of for the insane project.I will be thinking how rediculous to think how to support the whole freaking building with one column.
p/s there is a whole list of engineering marvels i wanna share out. soon la. =)

The past and the coming~

Year 2008 is just about to leave its History, by a few weeks times.
Have i achieved my goals?
and how much have i evolved throughout this transition year.
Well, honestly, not as much as i think i could reach for,
perhaps too much of laptop gamings instead of reading the newspaper.
Im still not going enough to cross the bridge overall.
But 08 has been a year filled with surprising though,
because i didnt even expect to come to Matric after spm.
and so many other things.
.So here comes year 2009,
Its exciting what God's kept for me next year,
Its university Life. Im no longer in my teenage life.
Time to meet real different people, time to be more productive,
and time to start serving in DUMC,
well after i come back from Malacca la of course,
but that's the next half year.
For the earlier half, i will still put my objective to prepare my perception towards University life.
Will write more about it during countdown*
.Budget has been tight, I eat a LOT, freakin LOTz. and no Fats In result! Wasting Money right. haha. Normally ten bucks a day then now like 15 edi cause tambah tea break snacks and supper x)
Well, this is my super early morning breakfast i can consider that, well i mean around 2am in the morning when i do gaming. haha.
Its like any sort of simple cooking, just biscuit, boiled egg, tomato, pepper. yummy!

The phrase i used to think when everything comes into my mind.
I have a secret ability, that is i will disappear when no one sees me. muahahhaa.
out and away! -gene-

Sunday, December 14, 2008

HAppy 17th Bday My Bestie!
Julien Lim Zhen Wei =)
Yea the same pic u had in ur blog.ahhaa.
Well who knows maybe u are my extended extended relative.
lol. Well anyways, congratz! U are legal to!... get out of the school. ahaha. Bet u're having a wonderful week, prom just before ur bday. wa quite happy right. anyways may you have a blessed healthy lifestyle and an always close encounter with our papa. Thinking back about how one year of memories went along with you, hahha you are really one of a kind. Gotta understand you so deep to understand how much i know u actually. lol. Well have a blessed week!!!

My new room arrangement~ tada! half of the space. haha. well this is my corner la. 3 wardrobes 2 tables 1 bed. all mine. waa quite lotz stuf i take up right. hahaa. although 4 more months left, i really make sure my corner is comfy. haha.
This is the my mom's side family photo i found hanging in my uncle's house. You might be asking where am i, but im not inside actually, cause its like around 20 years ago, before im out here. This picture is awesome, realizing that my mom was having fun of course cause so many sisters and bros. The whole 2nd row sitting, yea her sisters and the middle grandma.And the uppest row with the bottom my cousins, and few more cousins not out yet that time. Very fortunate to have many cousins. hahha every chinese new year is really a big matter of getting together =)
ASked my fren to buy this speaker. 50 PC fair malacca. not bad at all. whole room just transffered into a cinema. haha.
And that's my humble mp4. Really really cherish it. Bought it for 120 and its 2G. It's been like my partner.hahah closer than my phone.Ask anyone in my college, earphones are always on my side.this Mp4 may look simple of course, china brand, not ipod or wtv, but sound quality is still top with good earphones.Awesomeness. It's been my greatest motivation to go jogging,i wont jog unless there's a music partner. haha.

So its really in a blink of an eye. December huh? after Christmas then after countdown, what's coming up next?Will post up later about what i've achieved and learn this year. But yea 2008 has been my transition year, the year i really open up myself to many new things, like never before =)


p/s im still up with Civil engineerin in UM,and i hope that after 10 years of working experience i shall start my own brand or firm. hahah. too early to say, but who knows i will?

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Its Not my Intention

There was once i saw an article in Star, few months ago,
there's this old folk saying that youth should not play too much but doing something serious,
At first i totally condemn that, i was thinking that playing is a part of learning.
BUT now, i partially agree with it.
And actually i find my thoughts came in pretty late,
Just that when i start to know more and more about politics economy and the outside world,
It really gave me a bigger view, and a clearer picture that how insignificant is tertiary education,
*mom i will still study dun worry haha*
.Cause all we need is just a certificate of education that's all,
and the working world is there to challenge u again,
But sometimes, having the urge to know more about the outside world hurts you too.
I think for private Colleges might be different, cause people there are mostly exposed.
But here, its like isolating yourself against others.
You see people here studying everyday, talking about movies and artists and all..
Just when u think u need someone to talk about economy outside there,
No one cares about it. So i just have the newspaper to be my accompany. =)
I need to carry on, and cant wait to get into Uni because there's where i can talk to people older than me. Aiesec here i come =)
p/s I find what im doin is fun. I actually record conversations with whoever i talk to without notice. It's actually a great way studying how personalities determine the way people speak, seriously.

Monday, December 8, 2008


If i have one big wish,
i wish i can be fat.
just so notice that, no matter how much i eat and eat and eat...
and the weighing scale doesn't show a sign,
well owh yea perhaps im one of a kind of digest food into oxygen.
cough cough* well many people say that i look underweight,
But the truth is i CANT be fat!
yea blame on my high metabolism rate.
Anyways bus ticket later at 11.30, back to college!
Gonna make over my room AGAIN. cause roommate has gone to Uitm,
and now i have half the size of the room! dengdengdeng!
shall brb for pictures!
p/s im really glad to have cousins, Close cousins.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Details Determine Destiny~

Its 1.34 right now, reached home at 12.50 around there, which is quite surprising that my mom wasn't that paranoid about me, well she did ask me where am i and all, but didn't call up and like rush me back and all, well perhaps is because my results? =) haha.came back from Michelle's Bday Bash! Congratz to you ppl who did it, its nice to gather together again~
Stufs to rush on now,
  1. English Assignment
  2. Moral Assignment
  3. Mini Biotech Innovation Project (competition)
  4. 60 Seconds Challenge Video (competition)
  5. One day Cf camp planning
  6. Application to Local Unis.

Will be back to Hometown in few hours time.. Right now i only have one wish, which is to enter UM for civil Engineering. Just really hope so la. Stufs are getting busier anyways, with Christmas coming, then 2nd mid term exam, then CNY. Awesomeness~

Better get running then! There's a ball coming towards me, i dunno which direction it's heading to, I just know that i've to close my eyes and catch it =)

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

8 Choices

Well am having a hard time deciding my choices right now,
The 8 choices of courses and in which University,
I've gotta think that right now cause application starts end of this month.
Of course i've set the top three choices as Civil Engineering in UM, UKM and UPM,
but what about the other 5 choices?
Environmental Engineering?
Manufacturing Engineering?
Industrial Engineering?
Not sure yet though,
but yea praise God for 4 flat again,
Doubt can even enter UM without it.
Now im hoping at least a band 5 for my MUET.
result coming out end of this month. phew*
To all SPMers!
Congratz anyways for enduring the few months of brain killing process,
just that i would like to share some stuf la,
Education in Overseas/local/private/blablabla, they are all the same.
I was once like u perhaps, thinking that overseas are better than local,
i will write a short opinion here cause obviously no one reads a long one.
  1. Environment

If you're thinking that Overseas have a good cultural experience there or wtv, Im not against it, but in fact, i think that cultures are all around, experiences is the matter how you create them, not grabbing them from the environment. Its true that a good environment influence someone to be good, but what if i say its the best way by impacting everyone including the environment, starting by yourself? Its just up to you to create your own learning environment, there's always areas to learn from, in overseas, of course you learn the way how other people think and all, but same goes here, in matriculation, i experience that way also, i learn how other people from other states and different races think too.

2. Just education Life.

Many people said good Universities will definitely give u a good future career by their recognition wtv, trust me that's all fake. Its all up to you how you perform and change yourself. Working life is so DIfferent than we can think, I might wanna study CIvil Engineering now, but who says i cant end up in the business sector after that? We only apply lesser than 5% of what we learn in the working world.What you study doesn't determine what you work as. And our studying duration is just like 7 years the most, and u've got 30 years + outside there working.Working life can be a twist of destiny also anyways. you study and study but still you graduate with just a piece of CERTIFICATE. yes there might be a difference, but only for your first job interview mostly, people just get the first impression with where you are from, but the interview itself is a different story, furthermore, the 2nd and 3rd job will be based on your first job resume. So no BIG deal right?

3. Long way more.

My plan is simple, after Matriculation, then into UM for civil, then out to overseas for Masters. I think that degree in overseas doesn't really earn you much experience, because you are still with your bunch of frenz, who knows you could end up in aussie with your same bunch of msia frenz? But i think getting to overseas for Masters is crucial because that's where your contacts start to flow in.It's part of the working life already la btw.

4. Overseas interest?

If you are so determined that Msia Sucks or wtv and wanna migrate to overseas, then go on to Overseas for studies, dont ever come back to work because you are just eating your own money up. JPa different study la, i mean those students with FAma ( father mother) scholarships. haha. you'll rather work overseas then. But consider again how well can u adapt to the place there, cause overall a lot Malaysians still say that Msia culture rocks with all those pasar malam amid of those political problems etc..

Well these are my advise la.. But its up to u again! =)

Think Twice~

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